Titanium is a sturdy metal that is frequently used across numerous industries. In its rod form, the material offers an excellent surface finish, high tensile strength, and great durability. But as a manufacturer, you might be wondering: how strong are titanium rods, and what industries are they commonly used in? To help give you a better understanding, this titanium rod supplier in Tulsa, Oklahoma is going to answer these questions below.

How Strong Are Titanium Rods? Look At Its Uses.

Titanium rods are well-suited for many industrial and engineering applications. These rods offer great impact resistance, as well as exceptional stability and weldability. When you choose the appropriate grade from your titanium rod supplier in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you can achieve a high level of accuracy in your manufacturing processes. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most common uses of titanium rods for manufacturers across various industries:


Titanium is a versatile metal that is commonly used in the aerospace industry. Indeed, many titanium grades were developed specifically for aerospace applications. It is used to manufacture frame structures, aircraft engines, propellers, fasteners and other critical components. The outstanding strength to weight ratio of the material, excellent corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties ensure the necessary criteria are met, which makes them very suitable for this field.


When it comes to armor manufacturing, titanium is one of the most preferred materials. The material helps give armor more durability because it is twice as strong as stainless steel, but only about half its weight. When produced by a reputable titanium rod supplier in Tulsa, Oklahoma, these rods are both sturdy and lightweight, and they are long lasting.


Titanium offers a shiny finish, which makes it a go-to option for architectural applications. It is commonly used in skyscrapers because of its low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent corrosion resistance. As an example, titanium rods were recently used as part of the structural repair and stabilization for the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.


Here again, the material’s finish comes into play. Since titanium is sturdy and offers a modern appearance, it is quite useful in manufacturing consumer electronics such as laptops and computers. Thin titanium rods are incredibly hardwearing, heat resistant, and highly reliable.

Medical Industry

Titanium rods can be used to make surgical, orthopedic, and dental instruments and devices. It is a material that is highly suitable for medical implants such as replacement hips and dental implants. The high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, outstanding biocompatibility, and non-toxic nature of titanium rods make them ideal for medical applications.

Industrial Components

The industrial sector is one of the major consumers of strong and lightweight titanium rods. These are cost-effective, heat-resistant, and durable, which is why they are a top choice for industrial manufacturers. If you are in the mining, oil processing, or power plant sector, you can most likely benefit from partnering with a titanium rod supplier in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Popular Grades

Most titanium rod suppliers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, carry the following grades that are suitable for many applications. Here’s a quick look into each of the popular material types for a better understanding:

Grade 1

This is a commercially pure (C.P.)  grade that is the softest and most malleable grade offering high formability and resistance. Grade 1 rods are suitable for automotive, aerospace,  and even chemical processing applications.

Grade 2

C.P.  grade 2 is a workhorse that provides superior strength compared to grade 1, and it offers excellent weldability and corrosion resistance. This grade is often used in power generation and hydro-carbon processing applications.

Grade 4

C.P. Grade 4 titanium rods are one of the strongest grades available. Its corrosion resistance and high strength make these rods a popular choice. It’s useful for medical equipment and implants, among other applications.Grade 5 (Ti 6Al4V)

Grade 5 is probably the most common titanium alloy grade with the addition of Molybdenum and Vanadium to the specification to provide additional strength and higher mechanical properties. This makes it very suitable for aerospace applications as well as some medical equipment, among other applications.

Grade 23 (Ti 6Al4V ELI)

Grade 23 is a modified version of Grade 5 with lower levels of oxygen, nitrogen, and iron. Due to its increased ductility and fracture toughness, it is particularly suited for the manufacture of medical implants and instruments.

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